A. myMI Annual Individual Subscription
a. myMI Summary (2-page)... click to fetch PDF
b. myMI Brochure (6-page)... click to fetch PDF
c. Subscriber Usage... click to fetch PDF
d. Hoempage Screen-Capture... click to fetch PDF
e. The myMI Method ... click to fetch PDF
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B. myMI Institutional Subscription(s)
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C. Music International : Brochures & Forms
1. Music International Music Academy GRAND Syllabus (PDF) ... Get Syllabus

D. Music International : Music related Guides
1. Music International Guide : Appreciation (PDF) ... Get it!
2. Music International Guide : Audience (PDF) ... Get it!
3. Music International Guide : Learning (PDF) ... Get it!
4. Music International Guide : Performing (PDF) ... Get it!
5. Music International Guide : Musical Development (PDF) ... Get it!
6. Music International Guide : Genre choice (PDF) ... Get it!
7. Possible Careers in Music (PDF) ... Get it!
8. Musicians are being Killed! (PDF) ... Get it!

E. Music International : Instrument selection
1. Which guitar? (PDF) ... Get it!
2. Which Keyboard? (PDF) ... Get it!
3. Which Violin? (PDF) ... Get it!
4. Which woodwind? (PDF) ... Get it!
5. What is a Recorder? (PDF) ... Get it!
6. Why a ukulele? (PDF) ... Get it!
7. Which orchestra instrument? (PDF) ... Get it!
8. Music International One-View (PDF) ... Get it!
9. Music Instrument mis-conceptions (PDF) ... Get it!

F. Music International : Freebies
1. Manuscript Sheets Blanks - Widest variety of master-originals (PDF) ... Get it!