The Business of Music

The Vision
  1. Musician : We will work with every Subscribing Musician (and where possible even non-Subscribing Musician) in our 'myMI' programme. This can be extended beyond Bangalore especially throgh out Music International ONLINE Programme.
  2. Trainer : Training of Trainers; Teaching of Teachers; Coaching of Coaches; Faculty Developmnet is a KEY FOCUS for us to scale, grow and meet our Vision, Mission, Objectives and Goals. We will work with every Teacher, Trainer, Coach & Faculty (where possible even non-Subscribing) in our 'myMI' programme. This can be extended beyond Bangalore especially throgh out Music International ONLINE Programme.

We will try to meet the larger Gap(s)

Money eventually flows in from the consumer. The buying of original CD's. Attending concerts and Ticket Sales. The purchase of Instruments. Music Books. Tuition to teachers. Bands, Groups & Orchestras performing at Events. Recording Sessions. Backing Audio to a range of other human activity. HOWEVER ... each penny, paisa or pie comes from the wallet of an individual - whether a musician, a music trainer, a music afficanoado or any other.

More Gap(s) There are musicians, musicians & musicians! Actually only 3 types ...
  1. Examined & Certificatied Musicians!
  2. Perhaps limited to a few on the piano, violin or concert flute. They have done examinations and can play the scales & arpeggios and the pieces that have allowed them to pass the Examination - not much else. At the other extreme they are the virtuoso performers, reaching the zenith of their instruments - playing the most difficult concertos for that instrument backed by entire orchestras of instruments. Their need more play-by-ear Instruction.
  3. The ad-lib, play-by-ear Performer!
  4. Despite the system ... they have worked their way to be able to play an instrument with raw, real and genuine talent. Their need is an ability to read music, theory, how to learn, become self-reliant, get out of their current stagnation.
  5. The cross-over REAL talented Genius of a Musician!
  6. These few have done the Certifications and also have the ability to lead a tune or accompany another they seem to be able to do anything and at will. Their need opportunites to play with others; constantly improve Theory & Practice; enjoy their music if not more money.
Training of Trainers

Instrument playing is on the decline. Quality of instrument playing is on the decline. The ONE underlying reason is the EXTREME shortage of Teachers and Quality Education in Music. At Music International a key-focus is talented high-quality teachers and we would be happy to associate with any and all who want to expand music education. From among our students, industry, hobby and amateur performersto those interested in Careers and Music as a Business. Nothing is valued unless value is attached to it ...
  1. Consulting
    1. While happy to spare a few minutes talking or on the phone and on email for FREE; unfortunately Quality advice takes the time of Senior Faculty. We will provide music related full-range Consulting at Rs. 1,000/- per hour on fixing an appointment.
  2. Instrument Facilitation
    1. Procure a New Instrument.
    2. Dispose of an old Instrument.
    3. Upgrade/Exchnage to a new Instrument.
  3. Repair of Instruments
    1. Identify appropriate Technician.
  4. Books, Sheet Music & Courseware
    1. Suggest the right Methodology.
    2. Recommend the right books at the right time.
    3. Examination related Books.
    4. Sheetmusic & Arrangements.
  5. Music Services
    1. Transcription Services
    2. Arrangement Services
    3. Creative : Composition, Songwriting, Lyrics.
    4. Theme, variations & innovation Services.
  6. Music Related Programmes
    1. Gardener Multiple Intelligences - Focus on Musical Intelligence.
    2. Gardener Music Intelligence led Behavioural Training.
    3. Music Appreciation Course.
    4. Music Therapy for the amusia & otherwise challenged
  7. Music International Minstrels
    1. Group implies solo, duet, trio, quartet, qunitet, octet, ensemble or orchestra.
    2. Student Group for Performance.
    3. Amateur Group for Performance.
    4. Professional Group for Performance.
  8. Certification in Music
    1. Any of our Faculty will help you with the preparation, examinations and direct certification - Theory and Practicals - from any of following Schools of Music ...
    2. ABRSM - Associated Board of the Royal School of Music
    3. Guildhall Trinity
    4. London School of Music.
    5. While the above are British Certifications, we would be happy to offer German, Spanish, Italian, French or American Certication preparation; as and when such affiliations become available to us.
  9. OTHER Objectives
    1. Raise funds and Financial support to Instrument Playing purchases for Individuals.
    2. Music and related Marketing & Consultancy Services.
    3. Appropriate and relevant use of Technology related to anything related to Music
    4. Supporting IPR; WTO; Copyright; & Legality issues; however bearing in mind the need of emerging countries such as India; China etc.
    5. Facilitate affordable legal Printed Sheet Music
    6. Training of Teachers. Training of Music Industry related Administrators, Managers, Entrepreneurs.
    7. Provide comprehensive Music Training Resources.
  10. NOT our objectives
    1. NOT a focus area; Vocal; Hindustani nor Carnatic Classical; nor Hindi-Regional language popular musicof and from India of any kind. There are many others far better at catering to these needs.
    2. While encouraging you to learn the piano or church organ; they are not portable and therefore NOT our focus.
  11. Music International Methodology Business Model

NONE of the below are actually offered by Music International; however we can counsel, guide and prepare you for any one of them.
POTENTIAL CAREERS in MUSIC  (or as just a hobby)
1 Performer   Play an instrument to a certain level of competence.
2 Vocalist Sing. Specialise in a genre.
3 Instrument maker   The best instruments even today are handmade.
4 Repair of Instruments Repair of instruments requires enormous expertise.
5 Instrument Tuning   Tuning a piano or an organ is not for everyone.
6 Composer Create music for any purpose.
7 Conductor   Conduct a group of musicians.
8 Songwriter - Lyricist Create words for songs.
9 Music Arranger Transcriber   Arrange music from one set of instruments for another.
10 Music Teacher Teach music.
11 Music Examiner - Certifier   Certification, Assessment, Qualifying music-related People
12 Music Therapy Use music to help people with clinical or psychological problems.
13 Music related Event Management   Manage events related to music.
14 Music Critique Cover music events for the TV, Radio, CD's etc.
15 Compere, Disc Jockey   Present music and related programmes or events.
16 Recording Engineer Capture live performances for stored later playback.
17 Music Appreciation   An informed connoisseur of music
18 Audiophile Sound and music for what it is. Recording appreciation.
19 Digital Music   A whole new generation that includes MP3, iPod, Itunes etc.
20 Soundtrack for Video/TV/Film 90% of video depends on the audio.
21 Music Historian   Music Library. Instrument archive. Curator of Music
22 Music Sales & Marketing Convert music into revenue generating opportunities
23 Gospel / Devotional music   Music related to faith and devotion and the spread of music as a Gift from God.
24 Music Legality Legal issues related to music copyright etc.
25 Dance   Dancing to a specific genre of music has to be learnt and takes years of practice.
26 Opera Integration of music, theatre and genre.
27 Pocket Money   After some achievement and Certification help people around you get involved in Music. Charge them a fee if you must.

NONE of the above are actually offered by Music International; however we can counsel, guide and prepare you for any one of them.
The myMI Annual ONLINE Subscription
The myMI Subscription is the backbone for most Music learning, teaching, performing, integration, collaboration. Most things music with Music International.

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