Profile & Current Activity

Music International was started in 1990 as a Music Magazine. On and off it now handles the complete Music Educationa and Music Academy for - currently 3 - very large schools in Bangalore - total of 5000+ students. We have 10,25 and 80+ teachers as full-time, on-call and being trainer-trained at currently. Current xxpansion plans will require 40+ full-time and atleast 200+ experts, part-time in the next 1 to 3 years.

Music International Subscriptions - Personal, Private and Institutional exceed 5000 - most of the live on a daily access basis.

The website is a unique one and first of its kind in the world to offer a single-point, million-scalable, best-in-class, touch-screen, mass education method(s) for western classical msuic on subscription online. Bangalore-based; plans to have 80+ and then pan-India and other country presence in the next 1 to 5 years.

Casper Abraham has been involved with Music since 1977. ABRSM Grade 5+ qualified, equivalent or better in Classical Guitar, Concert Flute, Voice, Double Bass & Recorders & Theory. Viola a recent addition. As comfortable sight-reading, sight-singing as playing by ear - country fiddle, lead, bass & rhythm guitar and chord-organ-keyboards. Genres include Sacred, Western Rennaisance to Baroque Classical, Country, Jazz, country-specific Folk & Pop music.

Taught at Hebron for my preference to ABRSM exams, still do since 2006 at St. Marks Music Academy (weekends) with over 100+ students, 100% results mostly distinction in atleast 3 instruments.

Have - over the years - been a part of the Niligiri Choral Society, St. Stephens, Lushington-Hebron, Emerald Heights, Presentation, Union Church, Lutheran, St. Marks, Gospel Train, BACH, Symphonia and St. Marks Music Academy Choir, Chorus & Orchestras.

A Mission, Vision and Belief in a grass-roots identification, nurturing, education, growth, usage & long-term association with talent. Talent that is multi-disciplinary, intergrated, Digital age enabled. Content input & Output must be relevant with a primary focus on Music. Support to the Film & TV, Radio, Theatre, Sound & Audio Engineering disciplines ensuring IPR and DRM controls. Careers tha span the Arts, Media or Entertainment Industries.