Casper AbrahamFounder, CEO & Visionary30+ years of Experience.
ABRSM Grades in Classical Guitar & Tehory.
Also play the Double Bass, Concert Flute, Recorders at a Grade 3 level. Keyboad, Viola, Saxophone added.
Choirs include Niligiri Choral Society, Stephens, Lutheran, Gospel Train, BACH, Symphonia and more.
Taught music at Hebron.
Faculty at St. Marks Music Academy
Member of Forum for Western Classical Teachers.
Created comprehensive Resources, Materials, Syllabus, Lesson Plans, Online website, worthy of ABRSM, Trinity Education & less.
Full-Time6 Formal Education Instructors
6 Informal Education Instructors.
Range in age from 18 to 60
Experience from 3 years to 30+ years.
Formal means Qualified & Certified. Informal means Professional or Amateur Music Experience but not or do not want to be Certified.
Part-Time20+ Formal
30+ Informal
30+ Performers
Depending on day of week, evenings, week-ends about 20+ Formal Teachers and 30+ Informal Teachers available.
Ready-to-Join100+Several Qualified & Certified in a range of Instruments
Informal Professionals & Amaterus.
Working in OTHER jobs such as Call-Centres, 40+ in IT firms, Ad.Agencies, Film-Industry, Hospitality, School-Subject-Teachers.
Happy to quit and join us for a more rewarding Vocation & Business.
Partners8+We have Franchise and close relationship partners at centres whose music track-record in Bangalore goes back to decades. Our affiliates are global leaders in Exams & Assessment. Our instrument suppplier/partner/manufactures are world leaders.

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