Music makes many money!

1. Sell Instruments Get 100% advance and supply complete instrument package. Carry-bag, accessories, stands, books and more. Acoustic, electric, bass or jazz guitars, amps, keyboard, violin, piano, key-flute, trumpet, saxophone.
2. Collect registrations Music International subscription at Rs. 5,000/-; keep 30% for yourself immediately. Regular or as-needed class optional.
3. Teach students Take on 6 to 20 students at your home OR at any of our centres. Standard fees each of Rs. 2,000/-; keep 60% for yourself. Can earn Rs. 30,000/-* even part-time EXTRA each month.
4. Arrange Performances Get a band or perform solo, duets, quartets, genre-style specific at any of our centres Saturday evenings. Get paying audiences in. Earn regular weekly money.
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