Music International Partners & Franchise


For a variety of reasons you may want to Partner with us.
  1. You are a School without a Music Department. Perhaps not too qualified Teachers. Can't afford. Not enough teachers. Unable to meet Music Syllabus Teaching.
  2. You want to become a Professional Musician. You want to collaborate and stay in touch with all such Professionals.
  3. You are a Teacher and do not have access to Sheet Music, Teaching Aids, Can't get instruments OR Quality Instruments.
  4. You want to learn music and can't get a good Teacher. Even the metros have a problem. Smaller towns in India may have no music teachers at all.

What is a Franchise?

A franchise allows end-customers or in this case Students to get consistent quality of Music Tuition. The brand Music International brings a range of values to Western Classical Music Education in India. While offering our own Assessments, Certification, Audit and Quality controls you also have the option of Trinity Guildhall and ABRSM (Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music) UK.

A. There are a range of problems associated with an Individual who wants to learn Music
  1. You do not know which music instrument to learn. You don't know much about music.
  2. You don't know what, where and how to buy a Music Instrument once you have decided on which one.
  3. You can't find a good teacher. Who is a good teacher anyway?
  4. You live in a smaller town or village and yet want high-quality music education.
  5. You already know some Carnatic or Hindustani and would now like to learn Music Notation and/or Western Classical Music.
  6. You want good tuition as close to home as possible.
  7. You are not a self-learner and need to be taught, guided, mentored, coached and pushed a bit.
  8. You want your young children to start early; possibly even at the age of 5.
  9. Sheet music is expensive. Print-outs are expensive. There is too much of sheet music. It is not required to be printed just for a few days or one performance. It is NOT environment-friendly with wood and a large carbon-foot-print.
  10. Today's technology is getting cheaper and more accessible. The Internet. Broadband connections. 3G access. Multimedia PC. Speakers, Microphone. MIDI Keyboards. Smartphones. Digital Tablets. IPad.
  11. If people older than 65 who have never played an instrument; learn to play one the right way; it has been shown to stall age-related and even clinical problems such as dementia, senility etc.
  12. Registering, preparing and being presented for an ABRSM (or other Examination) requires months of effort for each Grade.
  13. To sing you would like accompaniment music. (MIDI is cheaper, quicker and good to start with; MP3 to FLAC and paid-for options can be used even for professional performances).
B. If you already play a music instrument you have another set of problems.
  • You want opportunities to play, perform and improve yourself.
  • As a soloist you want to get lower cost -1 (minus one) tracks to practice.
  • You would like to meet like-minded and socially compatible fellow-musicians.
  • You would like to teach and earn some money from music Tuition.
  • You would like to learn a second (or third) instrument.
  • You want to improve your Theory, Sight Reading and Music Education in general.
  • You have a lot of practical doubts for which you want clarification. You would like to attend master-classes. You want to improve your technique.
  • You would like to listen to a lot more of quality music at reasonable cost.
  • You want to get a job in the Music Industry or change from an existing job to another.
  • You get a student who is interested in ANOTHER instrument not played by you. You would like to recommend another GOOD, CERTIFIED and QUALIFIED Teacher close to the Students' home. C. Currently there are only 3 physical locations at which you can learn music. The Music International Franchise SOLUTION is developing intermediate locations where Students, Teachers & Instruments come together for the duration of the Training such as at after-hour Schools. Church halls etc. We are also introducing Video-conferencing, Contact Classes and leveraging technology to enhance and increase your music learning experiences.

    The Music International Franchise or Partner Solution

    Becoming a Music International Franchisee provides you with answers to ALL the above and more.
    1. You do not have to pay any upfront fees unless you are already an Institution or a School Music Department. Even then you could collect the nominal fees from Students and pay this collectively.
    2. The individual annual Subscription fees to Music International is Rs. 3,000/- per family (not exceeding 4).
    3. The Institution fees is Rs. 30,000/- (for 3 teachers each with 12 students of a total set of 36 students in any other combination).
    4. The Monthly fees will be as follows :-
      8 session of 30 minutes or 4 sessions of 1 hour per month.
      1. Beginner Rs. 1200/- (More because of higher attention)
      2. Intermediate Rs. 1000/- (upto Grade 5 or equivalent)
      3. Advance Rs. 1500/- (Grade 6 and above or equivalent)
      Franchise ROYALTY fee payable in each and all cases is 15% of the fees collected, payable monthly). If NOT your Student but of another INSTRUMENT recommended or managed by you, you will get 5% of this as rebate or from the OTHER Teacher on collection. You can deduct and pay only 10% if your indirect student.
    5. You will be exclusive to an area/population in a metro/city or town to allow a certain volume of handling to be carried out by you.
    6. We will assist you in any and all ways possible in all the areas specified.
    7. Using our TRACK system of selecting an instrument. You can switch tracks to another instrument at any time. Improve your theory, learn another instrument, learn another clef, switch from accompaniment to playing the air or be a part of an SATB quartet, ensemble or orchestra.
    8. Our Franchise who signs-on to us also offers the whole range of services as outlined in this document.

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