Forms & Posters


Forms for Specific Customer Needs : (Confirm with us and download ONLY what is applicable to you.)
Form 1 : Music International Individual Franchise Agreement (PDF) ... Get it!
Form 2 : Teacher Application Form (PDF) ... Get it!
Form 3 : Teacher Application Form at Bola-de-Neve (PDF) ... Get it!
Form 4 : Student Application Form (PDF) ... Get it!
Form 5 : Proespects Enquiry List Form (PDF) ... Get it!
Form 6 : Ebenezer International School : Student Appreciation Form (PDF) ... Get it!
Form 7 : MI Franchise Centre Management Forms (PDF) ... Get it!

In parallel and also when you do join as an Institute-Franchise; Teacher-Staff OR Student ... our ONLINE registration at Please do this as well now. Thanks!