Student Fees

BEGINNER : Rs. 3,000/- per month.
Essentially contact classes - mass education customised for you.
A flat fee at any of our centres, any teacher, any instrument, beginner or advanced, whatever your grade or level. Payable in advance for each and every month. LOGIN & SUBSCRIPTION now included in the fees.
BRIDGE or PRE-DIPLOMA : Rs. 5,600/- per month.
As needed 1-on-1 and extra claases, but typically 4 in a batch making music when at the class. Learning around the music being made at the time. A bridge between being a student learner and getting to play, perform and gain proficiency and confidence.
DIPLOMA : Rs. 9,600/- per month.
Paid for a year, each year in advance each month. Get you to be equivalent to an ABRSM Grade 6 in one selected instrument, Grade 6 ABRSM theory equivalent. An ABRSM Teaching, Directing or Performing one-year diploma equivalent. Also singing, piano and ensemble as a basis included in the programme.
SUBSCRIPTION : ANNUAL Rs. 5,000/- renwable once a year.
Mandatory and used in class, at home, at school etc. Personal License Subscriptions ... click for more information ... at the time of joining. non-refundable renewable annually, will entitle you to 3000+ songs, 600+ Apps. Support for most 20+ orchestra instruments learning. Plus non-orchestra instruments incl. all types of guitars, ukulele, mandolin, latin instruments, stringed instruments, wind instruments etc. Genres supported includes; Rock, pop, folk, jazz, latin, classical, sacred & more.
Class length
Typically 1-hour, 1-class a week. If 1-on-1, then 30 minutes each.
However depending on the INSTRUCTOR and need more classes, extra classes, added or reduced time, peformance extra day attendance, programme practice of even 2 hours is locally and individually negotiated, almost on a weekly and need basis.
More important you have to put in 6 hours on the other 6 days to really get the benefit of even 7 minutes of class per week. Practice supvisory extra classes can be arranged for those who need it at differential additional cost.
Stay-in Fees Rs. 1,000/-
If you take time-off, travel on work, too-much-work, vacation, holidays, school or college exams etc. a stay-in fee of Rs. 1,000/- has to be paid for each month, even if you DO NOT attend class.
BUSINESS : Professionals, re-sellers, franchising across the world, please call to discuss your specific and exact local opportunity. Learn & Earn is a corner-stone of our Music Businss Practice.
Terms & Conditions
  1. Even where exams are involved, odd instrument or teacher avilability we will try to stay with our monthly fee figure.
  2. At some centres for student conveneince an instrument may be made available such as keyboard or piano. There may be a monthly usage charge of between Rs. 200/- and Rs. 1000/-. Please check with us.
  3. With a months notice you can change your cnetre, instrument, teacher, batch, day or timings.
  4. In the event of leaving one months notice has to be given OR one month fees paid in lieu of before exit.
  5. Monthly fee is irrespective of number of classes, time-length of class, number of teachers etc., who is the teacher AND whether you attended or not. It is NOT a pay-per-use BUT fixed monthly fee.

Teachers, Institutes, non-Bangalore ...
Please get in touch with us for franchise, centre, collaboration, fee, revenue, cost & profit sharing details.

Fees rationalization of the above from July 1, 2017 ...
  1. Since 2014 we have not changed our fee structure across all centres.
  2. Even now we are only rationalizing this across all centres based on feedback from students and is a price increase only in some circumstances.
  3. The subscription is now INCLUDED in the monthly fees - some students are already on this plan.
  4. Also included and individually specified at a higher rate, will be certain instruments for different reasons - saxophone (loud & less students), piano or keyboard - (use of piano/keyboard in class), drum kit - (use of drum kit). One-on-one requests, exam preparation, additional classes etc.
  5. Renewal of subscription is only for distance or remote learning, b2b licenses and people NOT regular class attendants at Bangalore myMI centres.
  6. We continue our 5-tier pricing system. The retail, b2c will be at Rs. 2,500/- and Rs. 3,000/-. The pre-diploma, bridge will be Rs. 5,600/- per month and while the diploma and other programmes will continue to be Rs. 9,600/- per month. The exam & preparations will be available ONLY at some centres based on registrants and at a different fee structure that includes examiner fees etc. The remote contact and master-classes will be as per our rate-card.
  7. From July 1, 2017 if you are within the subscription it will be Rs. 2,500/-. Once expired it may be the same or Rs. 3,000/- per month fees depending on all the other considerations above.
  8. Group (more than 8 students in a batch at a time) acoustic guitar, ukulele, group singing and vocal etc. will continue to be at Rs. 2,000/- (but now inclusive of the login subscription).